How to ensure safe and secure use of your Blog?


usefull link to keeping yourself safe

To ensure the only users who can see your blog is the ones you choose and follow is simple. You could on some blogs click *I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose and follow. -Like you can on wordpress.
This helps you keep your blog safe and from the eyes of any potential threats who may harm your computer and get your personal details. To protect your personal details you can when it asks you for your email address and name, if you was really bothered about people getting your name or “spamming” your e-mails, you could always sign up with a different e-mail address and a made up name, so if you ever came across someone sending you e-mails who’s name you are not certian with, it wont matter majorly because all your important e-mails will be on a different e-mail address.
To keep yourself safe on your blog you could make sure you dont give too much information out e.g Phone number, credit card details, where you live etc. Always make sure you use a safe, known and secure website that has a good reputation e.g wordpress. To do this you could ask friends/type it in on the internet.
To make sure you post secure things on your blog and not offensive/harmful things you could deniy access or block websites on your personal settings on your computer, you could read up on somesort of website e.g BBC about any stories that tie in with offensive or in some cases illegal posts. You could ask a friend/one of your family to check your blog and see what they think about it. And obviously you’ll have some idea on what things may be classed as mean/that may distrupt people.


The potential threats which the use of IT has introduced


Information on viruses etc…

The potential threats IT has brought to the computing world is unfortunatly viruses which you can get from downloading unsafe pictures, documents or anything that has spread from one computer to another and interfered with computer operation. Computer viruses are often spread by attachments in email messages or instant messaging messages. Sometimes you can make a virus my accident and download a file which has spread, this is very common. You can protect yourself by buying some protective hardware e.g norton anti- virus software.

Another main threat which computing has introduced is identity theft, which is personal information which people can get hold of and use  e.g bank details, credit cards, benifits and other important documents. A similar thing to this is phishing which is emails etc which says something like “your bank account has been breeched, please type in your details to help solve this problem” so you would type in the information and then the people who have done this illegal phishing will have all of your details. To try and help avoid these from happening to you, you can read the small print and see if you see something odd from a bank website, research phishing, and just try and see if you see anything ‘fishy’.

Moreover there is hacking which is very common…
Computer hacking is where someone very skilled in that area where they manage to log into your computer and look at images, documents, personal information, anything, this is very dangerous and illegal. It can be anything from hacking on to your ‘facebook’ account and writing a status, or to writing or changing accounts. To help prevent this you can make sure you have a good password and i.d, keep your computer locked at all times etc.

Cyber bullying is very dangerous and very common in teenagers, it can be repetitive, dangerous and is a criminal offence. This usually happens on social networking websites such as: Facebook, skype, bebo, msn. It’s mental bullying where they can blackmail you, say unruly things to you and can really and have ended up in suicide. To help avoid this do not put information on your account so people can bully you through texting or dont take pictures in your school uniform because then they’ll see your uniform and know where you go to school and stalk or even kidnapp you. Cyber bullying can get out of hand very easily.

advantages/disadvantages of using computers in the education system


The advantages of using computers in education are-

You can bring pen drives or things like that if you have pending homwork of somesort. Which means its very easy and quick to do.
Can play interactive games with the class.
You can all learn together on an interactive whiteboard rather than a little board.
Computers are clever so you can do basically whatever you need/want to do on them.. with it either being, research, getting pictures, documents, saving related websites, ANYTHING.

The disadvantages-

Could effect your eyesight.
Not interacting with many people as it’s on the board.
Your only meant to spend an hour a day on a computer, and you probably spend 3 hours at school and in addition lots of hours on it when you are at home, so quite unhealthy for you.

advantages of using computers in health care.


Advantages of using computers in health care:

-Using computerised system to look inside your body.
-Keeping electronic health records-
-“far more flexible, allowing its users to design and utilize reporting formats tailored to their own special needs and to organize and display data in various ways”
-Increases storage compacity

The disadvanteges-
-Destruction of your eye sight due to radiation if you have cancer or something.
-Computer leaks: all information gone.
-Computerised electronic systems can give you wrinkles and pimples.

why blogs are a good communitcation method when with other people


Drawbacks and advantages of bloging

Blogs are a good communtication method because you can reply or reblog something so other members of your group can see, you can edit posts if you have a better idea than what you’ve posted, you can put links, photographs, documents, video’s so it’s easy, quick and efficiant. You can also do comments if someone dislikes your work so you can make it better. Moreover you can go on it anywhere in the world 24/7.. You can set up your own blog and discuss things on it by setting up a group discussion. You can use polls/ratings to see how the topic is rated by users on the blogs. Also you can give feedback, add pages of a certain thing your working on. You can make it better by upgrading your blogs, you can share things if someone who your working with has something you want to share on your blog. And last but not least it’s modern and is really good to use in the workplace or just for home blogging, it adapts to anything you want of it.

The social impact of using ICT in the workplace


 There are loads of advantages of using ict in the workplace such as-

CCTV camera’s: help with theft and keep an eye on your workplace.
Computers: Sending e-mails if you need to send them to work associates. setting up 3d buildings on the computer if your an architect or something in that area of expertees.
Writing on word or such like things for your company.
 If you work for a newspaper, writing articles for editing and saving work.

There are also some disadvantages of using ict in the workplace such as-

The computers are high cost by using electricity and using anti virus software etc.
Training must be done to get workers to a standard to work with computers
less manual skilled jobs as been took up by computerising jobs.